Total Care Managed Services

Don’t Wait For Your Technology To Break….

When I talk with potential customers, it just amazes me to hear about the difficulty they have in finding a good technology provider. I hear stories of network downtime; relentless recurring issues; unreturned phone calls; missed appointments; things that never get fixed. It goes on and on.

That’s why I decided 20 years ago, we started a one-stop technology shop and committed ourselves to delivering fast, affordable, all-encompassing technology solutions tailored specifically to small businesses. And our Total Care program was born.

Total Care means you and your staff will no longer have to waste time or money on any aggravating computer problems. Period.

There are plenty of computer consulting firms out there offering some type of network support, but an awful lot of them are new or just getting started in their business. Some outsource their clients’ projects to part-time technicians that are between jobs or to companies overseas..

We’ve been servicing hundreds of small and medium-size businesses in the Midwest since 1993 and ALL of our technicians are full-time employees that hold the most up-to-date certifications and expertise in every area of networking.

Why work with the Common Sense Solutions Total Care Plan?

With traditional IT support, businesses use their network until something breaks and then call in the experts to fix or replace what broke. This reactive model of dealing with your IT problems is a surefire path to downtime and excessive spending on IT support, not to mention major disruptions to staff, sales, operations, and so on.

Our Total Care service delivers fast, affordable support from technicians who are professional, courteous, and reliable… and above all, for a flat monthly fee that covers everything.

Computer network service issues can have broad consequences, from getting in the way of day-to-day-to-day productivity to bringing your business to a halt. Having on-call technology experts available to focus on the ongoing administration and maintenance of your system gives you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on your customers and core business.

Why Managing Your Network Is Important:

  • Less Downtime – Neglecting routine system maintenance can lead to preventable serivce failures. Proactive management avoids security compromises, data loss and service interruptions.
  • Technical Expertise – Your staff may not have expertise in systems administration and management. And when a service issue does occur, do you want your staff pulled from their core business activities to focus on problems they may not be able to readily solve?
  • Reliability – One of the most important benefits of ongoing network service management is better performance. Services you rely on — such as email, accounting and other business applications — in turn depend on the security, performance and reliability that consistent service management provides.
  • Predictable Budgeting – Managed network services offer all-inclusive, flat-rate technical service contracts. Wouldn’t it be nice to plan for your technology costs will be in advance?
  • Server Management – We provide consistent monthly system administration that focuses on maintaining the essential functionality of your system.
  • Service and Security Monitoring – Our automated monitoring program detects problems quickly so we can work on solutions before they become much bigger problems. Service monitoring also provides ongoing security scanning and monitoring to identify potential threats to your operation.
  • Network Optimization – We’ll analyze your current operations to find ways to improve reliability, performance and security, all without additional hardware expense.
  • Incident Response – Our staff automatically responds to service outages, making sure that problems are quickly resolved.
  • Backup Monitoring and Issue Resolution – We provide automated backup monitoring and backup solutions that lessen the risk of data loss and speed recovery from service interruptions.

How Common Sense Solutions Can Help:

Managed network services from Common Sense Solutions provides you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. That means you get more value from the technology you already own, while actually reducing your total costs and downtime.

Want to take advantage of a breakthrough alternative to break/fix?

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