Service Management

Schedule StaffService Management

You can customize your own dispatch grid on the Dispatch Board and configure different grids for assigned and unassigned calls.  Simply move a call from the unassigned area to a technician’s name in the assigned area, and the call is scheduled. You’re free to move work orders from one technician to another to create scheduling priorities at any time you wish.

You can also view the day’s schedule in graph mode to evaluate workload by hours scheduled instead of number of calls to ensure that you don’t overbook technicians or have anyone sitting idle.


Analyze Profit

Profit reporting lets service managers see where they are making money. Examine profitability by technician, job site, customer work order and sales rep. When losing trends are discovered, corrective action can be taken.


Manage Service Contracts

As ComputerEase streamlines your service operations, you can sell more service contracts to generate additional revenue.  Then, instead of paying service technicians to sit around waiting for the phone to ring, you’ll have plenty of routine service work to fill in the gaps on low-call-volume days.


Streamline Service Call Dispatching

With the FieldEase Electronic Work Orders module, you can dispatch service calls to your technicians carrying FieldEase-enabled tablet PCs. They will automatically receive a map and directions to the work site, along with any important job information and notes.

When your technicians have finished their calls, they can open a receipt and have the customer sign directly on the tablet PC.

Technicians can also make notes about the work they performed, parts that were required for the work and anything else relevant to the work ticket.  All the information can be entered in handwriting and will be transferred to type by the tablet PC, which reduces the amount of time other staff members spend deciphering handwriting.  By streamlining the service call process, your technicians can spend more time on service work and less time receiving phone calls, trying to find a particular location and keeping track of bundles of paperwork.  This efficient method of
dispatching service calls and managing the required work ticket documentation also reduces costly trips back and forth between the field and the office.