Custom Reports—Made Easy

ComputerEase comes complete with hundreds of standard reports, such as Profit and Loss, Work in Progress and Estimated vs. Actual Job Cost. These standard reports provide you with a robust function.  But ComputerEase also knows that no matter how much standardized reporting functionality is built into the software, you will always have a specific need that is not met by standardizations.

That’s why ComputerEase developed Qtool—the industry’s easiest report writer. Qtool gives you the ability to create customized, detailed reports without requiring the skills of a programmer.

When you create your own customized reports with Qtool, you have access to data from any of the ComputerEase modules, including any user-defined fields that you have added.

Once you generate a report, you can create and apply your own formulas, and add headings, totals and filters. Once you are satisfied with your report, you can save it in ComputerEase or export it to another program,
such as a spreadsheet program or a database.

With the great flexibility that Qtool provides, there are an endless number of ways for you to benefit.

QTool Reports