Purchasing & Materials

Accurate, Automated Job CostingPurchase Order Receiving

All POs are automatically shown as committed costs for the job. The strong tie between all modules means information is current no matter where you work in ComputerEase.

Automated Materials Lists

When you are awarded a contract and are ready to buy out the job, you can pull a materials list into the ComputerEase Purchasing Center from the original job estimate, either for the full job or in phases. You can edit the materials list later as changes to the job become evident. Your materials list is the driving force for all your purchases for the job:

• Incrementally order supplies from the list as you need them to help improve cash flow

• Pull some of the items from inventory

• Request quotes from vendors to find the best pricing, or use the Best Price Shopping feature to take advantage of the best pre-negotiated rates between multiple vendors

• Create multiple POs for different vendors from a single materials list

Up-to-Date Status Report

This report provides all the information you need to discuss unfilled POs with your vendors. Run this report by job to see if all the material is there before sending out your crew.

Best Price Shopping

Get pricing on the materials you use the most from several vendors and enter it into the system. Then, Best Price Shopping shows you the lowest price for each item on your materials list and allows you to split your purchase across several vendors, so that you buy each item at the best possible price.  ComputerEase will automatically generate multiple POs to the different vendors after you have selected the appropriate vendor for each item.

On-Hand Supplies / Purchasing Integration

Whether you have an excess of supplies that have come back from various jobs and are now sitting in a yard, shop or warehouse, or you have a true inventory of materials, ComputerEase can help you manage your materials supply. When you create a PO from a materials list, you can pull some of the materials from your warehouse while buying others specifically for the job. ComputerEase automatically manages all the inventory levels of your supplies for you.

Serialized Inventory

ComputerEase has a built-in feature to help you track any serialized inventory you have.  You can track both unique and lot serial numbers, along with how long you have had a particular serialized item, any associated warranty information and what job that item ends up going to.

Pull List

ComputerEase allows your company to put together one or more lists of materials that are needed for each job called a Pull List.  A Pull List is used to either pull from inventory and/or to create POs for items. When pulling from stock, the inventory will be reduced and the job will be charged for the costs of the items. When purchasing the items, you can quickly create requests for quotes and then with a few clicks, turn them into PO.

The pull list report will always show you what materials still need attention.