With ComputerEase, payroll is driven by your jobs, so you set up payroll requirements, such as unions, locals, pay rates and taxing authorities, when you set up the job.  Then, as payroll requirements change from one job to another, ComputerEase automatically adjusts payroll for you. ComputerEase can handle the payroll needs of all contractors.  Both union and non-union companies that work in one state or multiple states, one city or hundreds of cities, will see their payroll operations running smoothly and efficiently with ComputerEase.

Certified Payroll and Union Reports

ComputerEase makes certified payroll and union reports easy.  Because payroll is driven by the job, ComputerEase has all the information required to generate these reports at the very beginning when the job is set up.   All you have to do is tell ComputerEase what report you need, and your report will be generated in seconds.

Keep time reporting current with daily updates has never been easier or more convenient than with FieldEase.  Get timecard entries instantly from jobs across the street or across the nation.

Trouble Shooter

Learn of potential payroll problems by running the Trouble Shooter report after you enter employee time.  You can flag situations like overpayments of vacation, sick time and overtime, and reconciliation of vacation and sick time charged to time available, among other things.

Human Resources

The Employee Center gives you a picture of what an employee really costs you, including gross wages, burden and fringes.  In each employee’s record, you can save important information like hire date, termination date, dates and amounts of raises, notes, etc.  You can even add your own user-defined fields, such as cell phone number or family information.  The Employee Center also allows you to scan and store employee records and documents, such as I-9 forms, W-4 forms, driver’s licenses, performance reviews and more.  Also included are a variety of useful reports, such as employee absence reports, to assist you in evaluating your employees.