We wrote last month about how important passwords are – they are the weakest link in your overall network security and for most people, a royal pain in the you know what!

If you remember one thing about passwords, it should be this – Longer passwords are harder to crack. In fact, a pass phrase is much better – typically easier to remember as well.  A pass phrase like PicklePizzaYellowFish is actually a better password than IL1k3D0gs! – because it is easier to remember and longer.

The other viable option is a password manager.  We previously provided the link to LastPass (https://www.lastpass.com/).  There are many others, some of which are even free.

Almost all password managers work on the principle that you create one master password for access to your identity vault, and then the password manager fills in your user ID and password for each sites and app you use. Because you no longer have to recall the passwords yourself, you can give each site or app a different, complex and hard to remember password.

The risk is if a hacker gains access to your master password, all your accounts are open to plundering. However, any password manager you choose should employ multifactor authentication, which means that to get to your master password, anyone has to both provide a correct password and a correct authentication code that would be sent to your phone.

Master passwords are also usually protected by the password management vendors by encrypting your password information locally, before it ever leaves your devices. That information is stored, in an encrypted form, on the servers where it is stored.

Other password managers to consider:

Keeper – https://keepersecurity.com/

Password Boss – https://www.passwordboss.com/

EnPass – https://www.enpass.io/