Implementing Paperless Field Communication

Getting old school field workers to adopt new technology

Implementing field technology shouldn’t be as daunting as you think! Getting old school people to use mobile devices doesn’t need to be a pipe dream.

No more lost paper work
The old excuse used to be, “the dog ate my homework”. With exceptions (we all know some goofy dogs) that should no longer be the case. Information captured electronically is much harder to lose, misplace, or for the dog to eat. And, an added bonus is no longer trying to interpret the field staff’s handwriting.

Daily communication instead of weekly
With the ability to submit time, daily logs and work orders electronically, you no longer have to wait for field staff to come into the office with their paper work. Electronic communication equals efficient communication for all. Your field staff stays in the field doing what they do best. Your office staff is happy because they have the ability to update easily accessible information.

Daily labor review
As the saying goes, “time is money”. Why should you have to wait a week to see labor hours costed to the job? Some jobs go quickly and before you know it can be over budget. Knowing this sooner than later allows for you to take action before it’s too late.

Real time billing of service calls
By having your service tech complete a work order electronically, capture the signature and submit it to the office—all in one fell swoop—speeds up the billing, as well as the cash flow.

Management sets the direction
If management is already communicating and electronically storing information with the project team and clients, the next logical step is for the field staff to do the same thing. This consistent communication needs to begin with and come from management. The old way is not an option, thus holding everyone accountable to the same new process. This will go a long way to getting your organization to be paperless.

Provide onsite training & hands on training
If you want your field staff to embrace new technology, it takes training and then more training. In our experience we have found that the train-the-trainer approach is highly effective. With your key employees training the rest of the staff it ultimately gives you the in-house expertise and a role model at the same time.

Incentive adoptions
Another saying goes, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” (notice a theme here—we like dogs). But providing an incentive always helps. There are different ways to incentivize employees—perhaps by getting to use the latest electronic device or with some small bonus. We have also seen peer pressure to be effective incentive. If the rest of the staff is doing it, why can’t you?

With efficient management, onsite training, and a little old fashioned persistence, paperless communication can become a reality.


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Why The Cloud Is Like Food At A Party

I am sure you, like me, may have hosted a party for a loved one or a special event. One of the biggest fears I have as I prepare for the big event is how much food to prepare.
I worry that either I will have too much or not enough, and I have to admit I have done both.

I’ve prepared too much and then act like a guard at the door as people leave shoving pounds of leftovers in take-home bags at them. The last thing my family wants is leftover pasta for lunch and dinner the next two weeks! Even worse, what if I don’t have enough food? People will think I’m a terrible host and I’ll have to run out to get more grub for my hungry guests. Who needs that stress?

In many ways, purchasing technology appropriate for your business conjures up similar concerns. You can both buy too much and end up spending too much money, or under-buy just like the food at my party.
If you’ve purchased too much equipment or too many licenses, it will sit there completely unutilized, collecting dust, and you’ve paid a decent amount of money to purchase it and get it installed. Once purchased, usually there is no sending it back. You will likely have to live with, and pay for, your purchase for the next three to five years or more.

What if you buy too little? You’ll notice your programs are not performing as they should — you just bought what was recommended to you and it still is so slooooooow! Just like the under-prepared host at the party, you are in a panic to buy more hard drive space or get more memory to feed your never-ending technology appetite.

Never fret, cloud computing can be the answer to your technology hunger pangs. With cloud computing, you only pay for what you use. If you order too much, need to downsize the number of users or eliminate a few e-mail addresses, it’s easy to scale down. In a cloud environment, don’t worry about resources sitting there unused since you can scale down and pay for only what you use.

What if you order too little? If you need to add more hard drive space, more processing power, or more memory, that can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you need to add more users, more e-mail addresses or more servers, this, too, can be taken care of quickly.

Don’t you wish the food at your party could be like the cloud with an on-demand menu to add or remove, and just have it show up? That food app may not be here yet, but cloud computing is available now to help you with your business’ fluctuating technology needs.

Keep in mind that while adoption of the cloud is growing, it may not be right for every business palette. Make sure you get a cloud readiness evaluation from a qualified cloud provider before you place your order.


New Gadget Alert: Smartphone Laser Tag

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