Job Cost

jobcenterComputerEase puts all the summary information you need right up front in the Job Center, so that you can look it over quickly and easily. To access detailed information, you click on any blue text, and a new window with detailed information opens up.

Job Cost Reporting

ComputerEase provides you with a number of powerful job costing reports so that you can monitor the status and profitability of your jobs from beginning to end:

• Work in Progress – What is the status of your project?

• Projected Cost – Is your project on a path to going over budget?

• Labor Analysis – Are your labor hours on target with your estimate?

• Unit Production – Are you producing work at the rate you estimated?

E-Mail Feature

When you run a report, ComputerEase gives you the option to send the report by e-mail—save time and money spent on printing and delivering paper reports.

Electronic Job Folder

The Job Folder provides one location to store all pertinent information and files related to your project. Store photos, contracts, e-mails, daily logs, time sheets, and more.  You can grant access to your key players so that you can improve communications and increase your team’s productivity.

Trouble Shooter

Are you tired of finding out where your jobs are going wrong—when it’s too late? ComputerEase’s customers were tired of having this problem too, so ComputerEase responded with the Trouble Shooter, a project management tool that tells you what is going right and wrong with your jobs today— in plain English.  Forget analyzing dozens of reports and crunching numbers, only to find a problem that is too late to fix. The Trouble Shooter analyzes over 200 potential problems for you and tells you exactly what you need to know to keep your jobs on time and on budget.