Forms & Notes

Electronic Forms Cut Paper Work In Half

Any printed form that can be scanned and put into a PDF format can become a Field-Ease form. The form can be anything from a blank page to a complex form. In other words, if you can scan it, you can use it as a form.

For each form created in FieldEase, you can create multiple copies. Once reproduced, each of the copies can be completed directly on the tablet PC using a digital pen. The input can be anything you would normally write on a piece of paper such as filling in boxes on the form, circling or adding notations, drawings, or any other markings.

The forms management screen keeps track of all saved forms by form type. Forms can be easily viewed, edited, e-mailed, printed,or discarded from the management screen. To start a fresh copy of the form, simply select the new button. When you save a filled out form, you assign a name to the form and it becomes associated with that particular form type.

Imagine writing up a change order and sending it to your sub, as well as the home office, without any time consuming paper work!