Equipment Management

Track Hourly Equipment Cost

The Equipment Center clearly displays the actual cost per hour of each piece of equipment, based on your real data. Making accurate estimates has never been easier.

Equipment Profit and Loss

You can also analyze the profit and loss for each piece of equipment and for the department as a whole. If a particular piece of equipment is showing a loss, you can investigate who operated it recently and what jobs it has been used on, and you can compare its performance to other similar pieces of equipment.  Once you isolate the cause of the loss, you can take corrective action. Or, perhaps the cause is that the equipment is just expensive to own and operate and would be better to sell and then rent when you need it. ComputerEase gives you all the information you need to make decisions like this that make your Equipment Department truly profitable.

Electronic Filing Cabinet

The Equipment Center can keep all your equipment licenses, serial and model numbers and other important information inone location – no more rustling through file cabinets.

Equipment Work OrdersMultiple Billing Rates

ComputerEase allows you to set up multiple billing rates for each piece of equipment.  You can create a default rate for regular working conditions and then other rates such as an idle rate or a difficult terrain rate.

Operator Pay Rates

You can set rates for equipment operators by type of equipment. When payroll enters an operator’s hours tied to a particular piece of equipment, ComputerEase will automatically apply the pre-set pay rate for that equipment. This allows you to ensure that union and prevailing wage work is paid at the appropriate rate by entering the data one time.

Scheduled Maintenance

The Equipment Center will alert you when it’s time to service your equipment. When you stay on top of preventative maintenance, you preserve expensive investments and reduce equipment down time.

Service Cost History

ComputerEase allows you to track both regularly scheduled maintenance and unscheduled equipment repairs. The costof unscheduled repairs can be charged not only to the piece of equipment, but to the specific repair.  Detailed service histories make it easy to spot the “dogs” that have become overly expensive to repair and maintain. With this information, you can sell or trade in pieces of equipment that are losing you money.