Electronic Timesheets

Imagine timesheets in half the time. No more duplicate payroll entry problems.  FieldEase replaces the timesheet by allowing hours to be entered in the field and transmitted on a daily or weekly basis. The hours are transmitted promptly back to the ComputerEase host system. FieldEase can import employees, classes, departments, state localities and cost codes from the host system so that all entries are verified immediately. Equipment hours may also be entered in FieldEase.  FieldEase handles regular, overtime and doubletime as well as vacation, sick and holiday pay.

• Entry by Day

• Entry by Week

• Entry by Job

• Entry by Employee

• Entry by Job/Employee Combined

All entries have lookups and validation and these are based on the information provided in ComputerEase accounting. All fields support direct handwriting input via a tablet PC digital pen, or can be entered from the keyboard or dropdown selection.  Data may be transmitted at any time. This means daily, weekly or even multiple times each day. Now project managers can be on top of their jobs daily with real time Job cost reports!