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Imagine a CRM product that works the way contractors need it to.

Project-SalesAchiever CRM software gives companies in the Construction industry an affordable solution that is powerful yet simple to use and quick to deploy. It combines all the features you would expect from a powerful CRM package and also includes powerful project or job oriented business lead management.

Project-SalesAchiever takes company, contact, activity and project information and translates it to meaningful information, to empower your teams to begin and manage the business development process from rumor to order in the marketplace.

As a Contractor it is in your best interest to build relationships with Architects, Engineers, Owners, Clients, Cities, Municipalities, Suppliers and Subs. Project-SalesAchiever CRM gives you the platform to manage information surrounding the project opportunities you are pursuing, the bids you are quoting and the prospects/clients that you are in constant contact with. With a myriad of lead sources it is critical that you have processes and systems that allow you to be sure you are following up in a timely manner and that you have the historical data to let you know which leads would yield the best results for your business.

Your use of Project-SalesAchiever CRM doesn’t end with the project award – you can use the project and client data to management milestones in the project and be sure you are keeping up with client promises to help ensure happy clients and repeat business

Drive more business by using Project-SalesAchiever CRM throughout your entire organization:

  • Marketing staff can run targeted campaigns based on market sector, project type, lead source, etc.
  • Business Development and Sales staff can categorize leads for appropriate follow-up and record all activities surrounding a project pursuit.
  • Estimators can track project bids and be sure that appropriate follow-up is being conducted.
  • Project Managers have access to current client and project data.
  • Senior Management will be able to see reports and queries, giving them up-to-the-minute data on your sales cycles and project intelligence

On-Premise Solution

Whether Desktop application or Web based Project-SalesAchiever CRM can be installed on site utilizing full functionality as with the cloud option. On Premise allows you to use the CRM web based, desktop, mobile, offline and online. No other solution offers you the variety options for usage

Project-SalesAchiever™ Cloud – Powerful, Easy, Up and Running in 24 hours

Built on the back of the world-renowned Project-SalesAchiever CRM, Project-SalesAchiever Cloud offers simple to use, ready to go, project and company tracking for the Construction Industry.

  • Centralized Project Tracking
  • Low set up costs
  • Easy set up – You provide Usernames, Passwords and User rights
  • Concurrent Licensing – Unlimited users, you only pay for users on the system at one time, eg. 200 users on a 5 concurrent user system
  • Simple to implement – up and running within 24 hours
  • Secure, on-line back-up
  • Access from any computer
  • Auto importing of multiple lead providers from around the globe
  • No Commitment – 1 month contract
  • The data is yours – Your System Managers can extract the data at any time

Project-SalesAchiever cloud means you gain all the benefits of a hosted solutions without losing the benefits of a Desktop application .

In addition we offer our users with

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Customization functionality

Mobile CRM:

  • Live Access to Projects, Companies, Contacts, Activity, Quotations and Sales information Full access to all Project-SalesAchiever modules through any browser enabled handheld device of your choice.
  • Will work with any handheld device with browser capability Project-SalesAchiever mobile can be used on any handheld device with internet browsing capability.
  • Standard solution or fully customized for your business The Project-SalesAchiever Mobile CRM can be customized fully to meet the individual requirements of any company using Project-SalesAchiever CRM


Reduce inefficiencies and drastically cut down administration as Project-SalesAchiever CRM offers even more flexible automated workflow capabilities. As part of the standard administration tool Project-SalesAchiever CRM will allow your business to easily define and automate standard tasks within the solution with little or no technical support required.

The workflow tool enables the system manager to create powerful workflow.

Project SalesAchiever CRM can ensure you never miss an opportunity and assist you in building strong, profitable relationships with your customers.

With automated workflow and email alerts, you can ensure your sales teams are kept one step ahead by ensuring immediate notification of account activity and the automation of standard tasks.

It will allow you to deliver the very best customer experience and truly define your business as a leader in an increasingly competitive market.

Automated Workflow

Flexible workflow – Create powerful workflows to define and automate standard tasks, for example automatically generating a follow up brochure to be sent out following an inquiry being added.

Customer value – Anticipating customer need and reacting proactively will increase levels of satisfaction and improve sales lead conversion and retention.

Employee value – Receiving automated email alerts against a set criteria will reduce the amount of time spent analyzing CRM, allowing sales teams to focus on their customers and developing new sales and opportunities. Automating areas of the workflow will also increase staff efficiency, freeing up their time to focus on what’s really important.

Management value – The proactive email notifications within Project-SalesAchiever will help ensure the correct level of resource and focus is being applied to each customer and opportunity. In addition, the early pipeline alerts will allow for any potential issues to be managed in advance.

Example Email alerts

Project lead alerts – Receive direct alerts based on specific information such as new leads within your territory based on criteria you set, including value, size or sector.

Key account alerts – Get immediate notification of any key account activity including actions, complaints, new projects or enquiries.

New quotes created against key accounts – Manage relationships by being the first to know when new quotes are created against your accounts.

Pipeline alerts – Be proactive before the end of the sales quarter, by being alerted if pipelines fall below a specified value.

New contact alerts – Take immediate action against new inquiries within your territory.

New web inquiries – Get instant reporting on web-based marketing campaigns

We know that your sales teams have any number of different requirements and reporting needs. with that in mind, SalesAchiever™ CRM is totally customizable to meet the needs of your sales team and integrates with your accounting program data.

SalesAchiever™ is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use CRM solution that enables businesses to partner with their key accounts more effectively. For project focused selling, it allows for cross referencing relationships between clients, architects, contractors and vendors. The software is designed to be flexible, modular and highly configurable so it can grow as you do.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic customer & contact database
  • Import & track project application data
  • Time management & scheduling for all users using its own multi-functional calendar, or use third-party applications like Microsoft Outlook
  • High security to easily control who sees which records & what they can do to them
  • Sales opportunity management – pipeline & forecasts
  • Powerful reports, list managers & Infosearch™ gives instant access to key information
  • Customize quotes with your pricelists, create special products, include & control all types of discounts and margins, and output in any design required
  • Links to all Office suite programs & stores files – including targeted mail-merge
  • Marketing functionality & reports
  • Integrates with accounts in ComputerEase

SalesAchiever is used by over 1,000 companies globally in the construction industry.

“Although a good CRM, Salesforce was not “the best” CRM for our company. After extensive research, we decided to go with Project-SalesAchiever and I don’t think that we could have made a better choice. Not only has Project-SalesAchiever CRM met ALL of our needs, but the staff at Project-SalesAchiever has constantly delivered excellent customer service. For companies that are project-based, such as those in the construction industry and ourselves, Project-SalesAchiever CRM is the #1 CRM option available today.” –AVL Systems, Head of Marketing