Construction Consulting

Common Sense Solutions Consulting Group provides consulting services for the construction and service industries. Our Construction Operation Consulting Services help our clients prosper by identifying problems and finding solutions through the efficient use of technology and help develop a competitive advantage.

Our consultants have over 25 years of experience.  As a consulting firm specializing in helping service and construction clients leverage their technology investment for competitive advantage, Common Sense Solutions is very well qualified to help with projects like this:

  • We bring you an unmatched blend of operational, financial and computer systems experience that allows us to identify practical solutions to your systems problems.
  • CSS personnel have substantial consulting experience in identification of requirements and information system assessment.
  • We also have extensive experience with the variety of technology products available in our search for a best solution for your needs.
  • Our focus on small and medium sized privately owned construction companies allows us to implement appropriate programs that recognize the unique characteristics of this type of organization.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Process Evaluation and Re-Engineering (Eliminate “That’s how we’ve always done it”)
  • Organizational Assessment (Review organization structure – are the right people doing the right tasks)
  • Process Analysis
  • Document and Paper Flow Analysis (Document all the forms currently being used, who uses them and why? Time sheets, purchase orders, inventory control, contracts)
  • Best Practices (Don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at what other similar companies are doing right)
  • Employee Job Descriptions vs Actual Tasks (Are the right people doing the right job)
  • Improve the company culture (Poor culture – low morale, high turnover, loss of productivity and loss of profits)
    • Not sharing information
    • Closed door meetings
    • Rewarding poor performance
    • Unethical business practices
    • Not addressing employee issues

What we deliver is the most important part of the engagement. But we don’t just issue a report, we make sure the results are implemented in a way to drive the results our clients are looking for. Since every company is unique, our services are tailored to your specific needs.

Here is what we deliver:

A comprehensive written report that will:

    1. Provide a detailed assessment of all your operational systems, procedures and staff. We will report on how well you process purchase orders, change orders, submittals, shipping and receiving, WIP, job close outs and draw submittals to name a few. We will also analyze your internal procedures and compare them to how things actually get done. Are you doing things the way they should be done or are staff members taking shortcuts and bypassing approvals. Finally we will report on the staff and how tasks and responsibilities are assigned. In a word, “Are the right people doing the right job?” and do they have the authority they need to make the proper decisions and are they empowered to do their jobs effectively.


    1. List detailed results and recommendations from our analysis. After we have identified the key areas of concern and recognized where the pain points are, we can offer up solutions to improve these areas. For example; changing the purchase order process so that the PO is already approved and properly coded when the invoice is received for prompt payment and receiving a quick pay discount if applicable, or implementing a new scheduling system that allows the field personnel better productivity and decrease time spend scheduling.


  1. Discuss alternatives with estimated budgets. We will provide you with an accurate cost to complete all of our recommendations.

General system assessment (software/hardware/network/telecom recommendations.) This review will identify any potential weaknesses in your IT systems; vulnerability to viruses and hacking, outdated software, data backups and recovery, user security etc.
Meeting with management team to review our findings, recommendations, plan, requirements, priorities and implementation time line for all issues identified.

And finally, we will implement the changes that are agreed upon by management and CSS with the involvement of your staff and management team every step of the way. It is important for the staff and managers to “buy into” what we are doing in order for it to be successful.

To discover how CSS Consulting Group can help you, contact us today.