ComputerEase is an accounting software that integrates Job Cost, Construction Accounting, and Project Management with a remote job-to-office tool is the future for modern Construction Software. ComputerEase is taking bold steps toward that future with FieldEase and Cloud options.

ceIt’s Innovative. Imagine a construction management tool that:

  • Integrates construction and project management in one solution
  • Has a management dashboard that brings all your information together in one place
  • Provides a way to integrate remote field operational data with your accounting software
  • Gives you integrated, automated workflow management for invoice routing, approval, document scanning and storage

It’s Powerful. Can your current system:

  • Automate all of the complex bookkeeping needs of construction accounting
  • Show where the problems lie in your jobs (without having to sift through mountains of paper) using a built-in troubleshooter
  • Electronically capture information from the field to speed up billing and collection, and increase cash flow

jobcenterIt’s Easy. Our customers rave about:

  • The quick return on their investment since it’s so easy to implement, learn and use.
  • The easy access to centralized information. All modules link and work together.
  • The ability to integrate with Microsoft Office allowing them to work with tools they are already familiar with
  • The product’s out-of-the-box standard templates, data entry wizards, context sensitive help, making daily usage much more efficient

We offer a free job cost readiness assessment that will rate you on such things as:

  • Job problem awareness. Do you know about them in time to take corrective actions?
  • Change order tracking. Are they processed in a fashion to make a difference between profit and loss?
  • Project management. Are your field superintendents keeping a proper eye on job performance?
  • Submittals. What’s your turn-around time on paperwork?

You just might be surprised by your overall job cost reporting grade. There’s no obligation for the assessment, so contact us for yours today.