Cloud Solutions

Is Cloud Computing Best for Your Business? Everyone’s heard about cloud computing and how it is the next big thing in technology. But how do you know if your company would benefit from cloud computing?

Cloud Computing moves your organization’s computing resources out of your office to the Internet and provides access to desktops from any device, anytime, anywhere. When your team is on the go, they can use any device with Internet access to see the same desktop they use when they are in the office.

With Cloud Computing services from Common Sense Solutions, you get:

  • The ability to access desktops from any device, anywhere, any time – In short, if you have access to a device that can make an Internet connection, you can see and use your desktop just as you would in your office.
  • Freedom from huge upfront expenditures for equipment and licensing – Cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go proposition. Instead of buying an expensive server and paying for all of those licenses up front, you pay on a monthly basis for just what you need.
  • Scalable costs as your staffing levels change – If you bring in extra staff for your busy season, you don’t have to pay for the resources year round. Add a user and your monthly expenses rise; when your staff falls to normal levels, your monthly expense drops as well.
  • Zero risk for equipment repairs and upgrades – With cloud computing, we are responsible for keeping your equipment and software current. There is never an additional cost for newer hardware or an updated operating system. And if the equipment fails, as your cloud provider, we are the ones who will pay for the repairs.

Cloud Computing services from Common Sense Solutions allows your organization to harness the power of the Internet and the latest technology in order to better leverage your investment in technology

Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss a possible cloud computing road map with you.