Bar Coding

Bar Code Add-On Module for ComputerEase

Using any Windows Mobile Device, warehouse items can be bar coded and sent to jobs, transferred to other warehouses or vehicles, or brought back from jobs to the warehouse. Warehouse managers can also conduct physical counts even receive purchase orders. Information gathered from bar code scanners updates ComputerEase instantly – adjusting inventory quantities, updating jobs, and fulfilling purchase orders.

CE BarcodingFeatures:

Bar Coding works with multiple companies

The system login provides the ability to utilize multiple companies in ComputerEase, if necessary.

 Bar Coding scanning works with multiple functions

  • ComputerEase Job Transfers (to and from)
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • PO Receiving
  • Pull Lists

Bar code scanning helps To eliminate errors once an item is scanned, it appears on screen and the quantity can be input, as shown. All scanned items appear in the bottom of the screen for easy reference. Errors can be corrected by selecting the item from the list and re-keying the quantity or deleting the item before transmitting to accounting. Once the item is scanned, it resides in the ComputerEase database, with the exception of transfers. Since transfers affect the General Ledger, you have a choice of direct job updating or making them available for editing by importing from the job transfer screen.

What Devices Can Be Used With The Bar Code Module? The Bar Code Module was made to work with most wireless mobile devices; anything with Windows Mobile 6.0 compatibility. We recommend the Motorola/Symbol brand. Testing was done with an MC55, and MC9090, but Intermec and Honeywell will work, too.

Can I Use A Tablet/Mobile Notebook With The Bar Code Module? No. It’s currently made for Microsoft Windows Mobile technology. We plan to port it to Windows Tablet at a later date. For truck use, the device stores inventory transactions in batch mode. When the device re-joins the base Wi-Fi network, all transactions will then be processed. What Are Recommended Peripheral Devices To Be Used With The Bar Coding Module? (Label Printers, Label Software, Supplies, Etc.) For label printers we have been recommending Zebra Technologies. The software will produce labels and reports via SQL reporting services (SSRS).