Accounts Payable

Save Time and Increase Billing Efficiencies with Electronic Paperless Invoice Approvals
If you receive an invoice that doesn’t match its PO or subcontract agreement, Electronic Document Processing allows you to scan the invoice into the system.  You can then route the invoice with the attachment to the appropriate person for approval, and you can include a note explaining the discrepancy.


  • Keep Job Costing Accurate By Reconciling Invoices to PO’s and Subcontract Agreements
    When you tie a new invoice back to its PO, ComputerEase displays the details of the PO or subcontract agreement so you can quickly spot any discrepancies.  If the invoice reflects a charge for only a portion, the system will be updated to show that you have been partially billed.


Stop Overpaying Invoices That Exceed Budget
Red flag alerts will warn you when an invoice exceeds the PO, subcontract, or budget amount, and will prevent you from posting invoices to the wrong expense account.Red Flag Alerts

Take Full Advantage of Prompt-Pay Discounts
Enter a new invoice and you can include information about any prompt-pay discounts.  ComputerEase enables you to run a report on discounts that are set to expire soon, so you can make timely decisions when paying bills and see how much money you can save by taking advantage of these discounts.


  • PO'sStop Overpaying For Lot Price PO’s
    When you have received all the materials from the bid, you will see what the original PO amount was and how much the vendor has charged you.  If you have been overcharged, don’t waste your time trying to reconcile each line of each invoice.  Simply contact the vendor with a list of all invoices charged against the bid and request a reconciliation that can be applied against the final invoice.
  • Update Equipment Costs From Payables Invoice Entry Screen
  • Generate Multiple two-party checks against a single invoice
  • Automatically generate requisite lien waivers when printing checks